Consider Volunteering

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Volunteers receive orientation to inform of the opportunities available in the schools and to receive up-to-date training information to facilitate the various classroom sessions. At the end of the year, a volunteer appreciation banquet is hosted by PEFA to recognize personal and collective accomplishments. PEFA volunteers contributed 2,398 volunteer hours for school year 2016-2017. The national average of $24.14 equates to $57,888 in revenue saved by donating their time.

The experience through the PEFA Volunteer Program, in the past, has shown to be highly successful due in part to the volunteers who have successfully given their time, talent, energy and love. This partnership of student, school, and community continues to promote an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.
An end-of-the-year questionnaire was administered to measure the impact of volunteer participation for the agency. The results were taken from 92 volunteers who responded and reflect the majority agreed with the usefulness of the materials presented.

The sponsors were asked questions concerning student interest to program, materials used, and the general behavior of the students.  There was a 100% approval rate of sponsors in regards to the program. Teachers were asked the same questions and they were 100% in agreement with the effectiveness of the program.