The Mission of the PEFA, Inc. is to develop support in a coordinated effort to assist and motivate students who are "at-risk" to achieve their maximum potential. To this end, it is not the intention of the Foundation to reinvent or duplicate any existing efforts to achieve this mission, rather, our goal is to support and strengthen existing means to improve the local educational system with a focus on the motivation of the students. As advocates of children in partnership with schools, parents, community and businesses, we support the educational process with time and resources to promote student success.


A child’s learning is a blend of experiences in the school, home and community. Realizing this fact, an active partnership has been created between Anniston City Schools and the Next Start Program. The dedicated efforts of educators, parents, and citizens will encourage a strong learning support system.

The goals of the program are designed to:
  • To promote learning and strengthen student academic achievement
  • Expand student’s learning opportunities
  • Increase student’s marketable skills and awareness
  • To provide educators with support and assistance
  • Promote self-esteem, pride and partnership among students, schools and community